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ZDelete.NET - Internet Privacy Software

Internet eraser and clean up utility that allows the elimination of selected files, folders and subfolders. Learn what's new on this latest version. Click here if the download does not begin automatically.

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More about ZDelete

ZDelete.NET - Internet Privacy Software. It is .NET-based Internet eraser and clean up utility that allows the elimination of selected files, folders and subfolders as well as Internet browser s cache, surfing histories, cookies, etc. The files will be deleted without any possibility of subsequent data recovery. ZDelete.NET Network Edition can cleanup files, folders, internet caches, wipe out free disk space on remote machines.


* Rich Graphical User Interface based on Microsoft .NET Framework.
* Integration with Windows Explorer.
* Cleaning Internet system folders, Internet cookies and Internet cache.
* A custom profile can be defined for the Auto-Cleaner feature. All defined hard drive folders and files can be cleaned up all at once with just one click.
* With built-in interface for Windows Task Scheduler you can easily configure ZDelete.NET to run automatically at a specified time.
* Built-in PopUp Killer helps to eliminate annoying popup windows with advertisements while you browse Internet.
* Remote Administration allows network administrators to establish a common security policy in organization by controlling ZDelete.NET options of every user in the network.
* Cookies to Keep feature allows you to preserve cookies set by selected sites in order to customize your surfing experience while erasing all others and keeping your confidentiality safe.
* The program supports custom configuration of all options; e.g. methods of data sweeping, logging, confirmation. Read more.

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