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Neatly arrange mp3's in folders. Learn what's new on this latest version. Click here if the download does not begin automatically.

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More about MP3 Sorter

MP3 Sorter will help you quickly and easily arrange and rename your collection of MP3 files. All files will be renamed to have the artist's name and the title of the track in their names and arranged in folders like this: “Artists\Album + Year”.


* Rename files. MP3 Sorter allows you to rename files based on flexible renaming system. You can include the song artist and title into the file name.
* Powerful custom tokens editor.
* High speed of working.
* Transferring files by MP3 Sorter absolutely safe, because:
o Immediate "Result" folder structure preview. You can see the transfer result to avoid any transfer mistakes. Built-in duplicate-checker feature prevents accidental overwrites.
o If you are not satisfied with transfer results you can undo a transfer operation using Roll Back Manager.
o Source files will be deleted only: if user select "Delete sources" options and copying file was successfully transferred (check for file identity).
o All Prograce Systems products are well tested before release.
* Easy-to-use interface.

If you have thousands of MP3 files, you need MP3 Sorter! Read more.

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