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More about TweakVI

Totalidea Software has released TweakVI, an application that adds up to 26 time-saving productivity improvements to Windows Vista. In addition to tuning Windows Vista to run faster, TweakVI's easy-to-use functions let you tailor the Windows interface to meet your personal needs. A registry cleaner cleans up your systems registry, and the option to create a 256MB RAM drive grants the fastest access to files and folders.

TweakVI v1.0 gives you instant access to hidden Windows XP settings, including ones that are hard to change. You can make the Windows Vista fade in and out, tweak lots of desktop settings, customize the Start menu, and enable several hidden performance options. With the Ultimate version of TweakVI an auto-system-optimizing feature has been included to optimize Microsoft's new Operating system with a click of the mouse only.

For the new Windows Vista 'User Account Control' (UAC) TweakVI v1.0 includes several tweaks options to configre this Vista security feature. TweakVI v1.0 also manages Windows Vista system updates: it detects available updates, installs them and removes backups of installed updates for more hard drive space.

TweakVI v1.0 lets you lock applications so others cannot run them. Whether you want to keep your children from accidentally destroying your business files, or you have colleagues or employees who shouldn't be using certain programs on your computer, Tweak-VI v1.0 locks people out of a master list of applications that you can easily maintain. In addition to locking applications, TweakVI v1.0 also lets you hide and lock folders so they cannot be accessed by other people or programs.

TweakVI v1.0 gives you control over what programs are launched when you start your computer. In addition to letting you easily manage the programs in your Start menu, the program also gives you access to programs that are launched because of obscure entries in the Windows Vista Registry. TweakVI v1.0 lets you remove those annoying programs that you've never wanted running in the background. With a single mouse click, you can optimize the physical memory in your computer. Each program that you run uses computer memory. When you close a program, often it leaves code fragments in memory and, over time, your Windows session runs slower and slower. TweakVI v1.0 lets you clean out these leftovers so your system will run more quickly and efficiently. For more system performance, TweakVI v1.0 allows to set up multiple pagefiles and virtual drives.

TweakVI v1.0 optimizes your Internet connection speed. Its built-in table of the most popular Internet Service Providers' configurations contains information that lets you increase throughput, whether you're using a dial-up connection or a faster broadband connection. Additionally TweakVI includes a huge list of tweaks and restrictions for Microsoft Internet Explorer 7, as well as an auto optimization feature for Firefox v1 and v2.

TweakVI v1.0 currently comes with an English interface; more languages will be supported soon. The program lets you tweak the new Windows Vista Sidebar, restrict access to the taskbar, sidebar and several other Windows Vista feactures, rename multiple files with a single mouse click, generate truly random passwords as well as pronounceable passwords, destroy sensitive files without leaving a trace, find and remove unnecessary files from your hard drive, and perform many other tweaks and optimizations.

TweakVI v1.0 includes a Windows Vista auto-logon feature, Outlook 2002, 2003 and 2007 security tweaks, and a number of Windows Vista performance and user interface tweaks. Additionally it comes with a DiscDrive Doctor, and lots of other useful features for the user's daily work with Windows Vista.

TweakVI v1.0 is available in three different editions: the free 'Basic Edition', which contains all the basic tweaking features for standard system tweaking, the 'Premium Edition', which gives you access to much more tweaking and system optimization features, and the 'Ultimate Edition', for complete control on Windows Vista, with all plugins currently available for TweakVI. The TweakVI 'Basic' Edition is available without charge, the 'Premium' Edition costs US$ 29.95, and the 'Ultimate' Edition costs US$ 39.95.

__What's New:__

* Heaps of internal changes and improvements
* Several minor issues fixed where some of the system tweaks were not activated properly
* Improved plugin engine
* Improved setup engine
* Once again improved compatibility with Vista security features Read more.

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