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JES Deinterlacer 3.3.3 for Mac OS X

JES Deinterlacer is a deinterlacer for QuickTime movies. Learn what's new on this latest version. Click here if the download does not begin automatically.

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More about JES Deinterlacer for Mac

Key features:

· Deinterlace movies (half height/normal height/double frame rate/blend,adaptive/simple).
· Change field dominance (for PAL films with fake interlace).
· Reinterlace from one or two movies.
· Standards conversion (PAL<->NTSC or custom).
· Inverse telecine.
· Trim, shift, simple color correction, noise reduction.
· Change encoding (RGB gamma, video range/full range).
· Fix jagged edges.
· Pitch preserving sound track for half speed.
· Change movie speed, reverse movie.
· Interlaced in/out, progressive in/out.
· Includes utitlty to view and edit image description extensions
· Separate utility for NTSC->PAL inverse telecine. Read more.

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