Arachnophilia 5 represents one of those departure points in the history of this program, points at which it is necessary to make a fresh start. Specifically, the changes in this version are so far-reaching — including a rewrite of most of the macro set and the documentation — that it is necessary to delete the Arachnophilia user directory to realize the full benefit of the changes.

To make this change, please read these instructions and then:
  • Exit Arachnophilia
  • Delete the directory (user home directory)/.Arachnophilia
  • Re-run Arachnophilia

After taking these steps, the user will see a reinstallation of the Arachnophilia user files — that's a sign that the deletion was carried out successfully. By the way, this is the correct approach to dealing with problems that seem insurmountable — to overcome various problems that might come up, simply delete (user home directory)/.Arachnophilia and run Arachnophilia again. Learn more.