Internet software cookies are bits of information stored on your computer whenever you visit webpages while browsing. This can cause some some privacy issues as this can allow websites to track and log your browsing habits and history. Along with your internet cookies, your computer also stores your web history, cache files including pictures and videos that have been viewed, search engine history, web addresses, and password information whenever you browse the web. These may have been accumulating ever since you began using your browser, and these files can also waste large amounts of your hard drive space without you even knowing it, slowing down your pc performance! Anyone who shares your pc with you can tell where you have been browsing on the web, especially if they decide to snoop or accidently stumble across these files or registry entries. Java applets or ActiveX controls can also be left behind on your pc, and various other entries can be left hidden in your system registry. ActiveX controls can be particularly dangerous because they are executable files which run on your pc. Learn more.