The imaged data can then be encrypted and also compressed to various different levels. The splitting of images onto different storage volumes can either be individually set or O&O DiskImage will automate the splitting. Should only particular files or directories from an image be required, it is not necessary to restore the whole image. Images can be easily mounted as drives with O&O DiskImage enabling direct access to individual files or folders.

  • Utilizes the speed advantages of multicore and multiprocessor systems
  • Native support of Windows x64 versions
  • High compression levels with minimal CPU demands
  • Burn created images onto CD/DVD
  • Images can be saved onto all popular removable storage media
  • Secure encryption of your data (AES with up to 256-bit)
  • Images can be mounted as virtual drives
  • Checksum function to distinguish between original and image
  • Checks image files and drives for damage
  • Windows PE Version: also bootable without an operating system

Requirements: Learn more.