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You Control: Tunes 1.7.1 for Mac OS X

A free utility that gives you complete control over iTunes from the Mac OS X menu bar. Learn what's new on this latest version. Click here if the download does not begin automatically.

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More about You Control: Tunes for Mac

You Control: Tunes is a nice freeware tool that gives you complete control over iTunes from the Mac OS X menu bar.

You don't have to stop whatever it is you may be doing, switch to iTunes, take care of business and then go back to your original app. You can now simply pull down your very own custom menu that gives you access to the iTunes controls (Next, Previous, Volume, Play/Pause, Stop) as well as displaying the current track, artist and album.

You can also navigate your entire iTunes music library from this menu as well so you never leave your current application.

You know who you are. You've got thousands of song titles in your iTunes music library that you are constantly adding to and you've got a playlist for every occasion.

You listen to your music at work and while you're playing. So when you want to change a song or browse all of the albums by your favorite artist or just pause the currently playing song, why should you have to stop what you're doing and go to iTunes? You shouldn't have to, and now you don't.

The You Control: Tunes utility gives you full control over iTunes even when you are not in iTunes. You can set hot keys to control any or all of the iTunes controls including Next or Previous Track, Play, Pause and even the Volume.

Browse your entire iTunes library and playlists using the familiar menu-style navigation method then simply click on a song and it starts playing.


· View the rating of the currently playing song in the menu bar.
· Change the rating of the currently playing song in the menu bar.
· Place cool looking iTunes controls in the menu bar.
· Control iTunes without leaving your current application.
· Assign hot keys to your favorite iTunes commands.
· Navigate the iTunes library via a menu.
· Cool overlays display album artwork and current song.
· Place iTunes controls directly in the Mac OS X menu bar.


· Fixed problems that would prevent playing albums on iTunes 7.7 and above.
· Added a new controller set.
· Changed the default controller set.
· Fixed a bug introduced in 1.7 that could cause the registration dialog to appear twice.
· Rearranged the welcome window to make it clearer.
· Fixed issues with auto-updating.
· Assorted minor bug fixes. Read more.

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