'Smart Sense' engine automatically allows new windows you want and will stop popup ads you don't want! No need for you to do anything. We do it all and you won't have to constantly update a list of links which will change when the advertisers see that you have blocked them.

All internet Annoyances:
  • Cleans PC automatically.
  • Password Internet Explorer.
  • Removes cookies.
  • Stop Animated Flash ads.
  • Stop Floating pop-up ads.
  • Stop Sliding pop-up ads.
  • Cancel Timer ads.
  • Remove Web Bugs.
  • Block Messenger Service.
  • Stop Message Boxes.
  • Stop Blinking Picture ads.
  • Stop Shaking Picture ads.
  • Cancel 3rd Party Activity.
  • No Browser helper Object
  • Auto Cleans Temp folder.

The Stop Popup Ads feature is smart and will automatically stop pop-ups for you and timed released pop-up ads! When links are supposed to open in a new window and don't, SIMPLY click on the link a 2ND time! Learn more.