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AMD Radeon RAMDisk 4.4

AMD Radeon RAMDisk harnesses the untapped potential of your system's memory to deliver lightning reading and writing speed and dramatically accelerate the loading and processing times of games, web browsers and software suites. . Learn what's new on this latest version. Click here if the download does not begin automatically.

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More about AMD Radeon RAMDisk

Download your free trial today and begin creating disks up to 4GB using memory already in your system. If you've got AMD memory installed, enjoy creating disks up to 6GB (see 6GB Promotion Terms and Conditions).

  • Speed up internet page loads
  • Speed up disk-to-disk activities
  • Speed up PC game load times
  • Speed up software application loads and more

AMD Radeon RAMDisk is designed to work with any AMD or Intel-based platform with at least 512MB RAM and can be created using system RAM not already assigned to the O/S. Although RAMDisk is software, Windows Management treats it as a Hard Disk Drive. There is a chance that the disk may become fragmented much like a hard disk, however the performance issues are less than if physical hard disks were to become fragmented. Read more.

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