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Windows 8.1 Update

The Windows 8.1 Update, previously referred to as Windows 8.1 Update 1 or Windows 8 Spring Update, offers extended funcionality for users who prefer a mouse and keyboard. Learn what's new on this latest version. Click here if the download does not begin automatically.

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More about Windows 8.1 Update

Easier access to your favourite apps and key controls
  • Power and Search buttons on the Start screen. These buttons appear in the top-right corner of the Start screen next to your account picture. You can shut down your PC or search for things quickly and easily from Start. (Some types of PCs don't have the Power button on Start. You can shut down your PC using the Power button in the Settings charm instead.) For more information, see Shutting down (turning off) your PC, making it sleep or hibernating it and How to search.
  • All open and pinned apps appear in the taskbar. If you like using the desktop, you'll see both desktop applications and apps from the Windows Store in your taskbar when they're running. You can also pin any application to the taskbar so you can quickly open or switch between applications from the desktop. For more information, see How to use the taskbar.
  • Access the taskbar from anywhere. When you're using a mouse, you can see the taskbar from any screen, including Start or a Windows Store app. Move your mouse pointer below the bottom edge of the screen to show the taskbar then click an application to open or switch to it.
  • Go to the desktop when you sign in, instead of Start. If you spend more time in the desktop view, you can sign in (boot) directly to the desktop instead of the Start screen. And if you want to sign in to Start instead, you can change this setting at any time. For more information, see Desktop.

More familiar mouse and keyboard options Read more.

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