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Intel SSD Datacenter Tool

Intel SSD Datacenter Tool 3.0.27

The new version contains additional command supports for both SATA and PCIe products as well as a new firmware update for Intel Solid-State Drive Data Center Family of products. Learn what's new on this latest version. Click here if the download does not begin automatically.

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More about Intel SSD Datacenter Tool

The Intel Solid-State Drive Data Center Tool (Intel SSD DCT) provides the following features:
  • Detecting PCIe devices and associated drives attached to the system.
  • Erasing data on the SSD(s) by issuing a SCSI Full Format Unit command.
  • Resizing the SSD(s) by changing its maximum Logical Block Address (LBA).
  • Updating the firmware for the SSD(s).
  • Issuing SCSI read and write commands to the SSD.
  • Reading and parsing SCSI Inquiry pages and Log pages.
  • Changing the drives performance by changing the Power Setting configuration.

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