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BlackBeltPrivacy Tor+WASTE+VoIP 8.2019.11.2

Simple to install and use Tor client / server with WASTE and VideoVoIP. Learn what's new on this latest version. Click here if the download does not begin automatically.

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More about BlackBeltPrivacy

  • MicroSip Video VoIP - Serverless, Accountless Pc 2 Pc calling.
    • Just enter sip:x@IP/DDNS:port of another user, click call.
    • Local Test Contact added. Call to check your Mic and Speakers.
    • uPnP is used to discover your public IP.
    • No need for STUN means your IP is only revealed to the call party.
    • A STUN profile is included to be complete, enable uPnP and avoid its use.
    • Tor - Choose your mode from the installer and go...
    • 5 Modes, Standard / Censored, Bridge, Relay and Exit.
    • Optional Relaying, bandwidth restricted. 0->200Mb or 0->500Mb per day
  • Tor Firefox Profile - Browse over Tor
    • Privacy related add-ons included and configured.
    • Integrate into an existing Firefox 32 / Cyberfox 32/64 / Waterfox as a new profile.
    • Default plugins (flash etc) disabled - now Opt-In.
  • WASTE - friendly support.
    • Connect to a NULNET knowledge exchange network.
    • Share URL's or SIP addresses.
    • WASTE will call over MicroSIP when clicking any SIP URL's
  • No additional configuration necessary for server, client, WASTE, Firefox or MicroSIP
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