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FlexHEX 2.3

Hex editor for software professionals. Supports advanced file and disk editing. Learn what's new on this latest version. Click here if the download does not begin automatically.

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More about FlexHEX

Hex editor for software developers and software specialists. Edits huge files up to 8 exabytes long, logical disks, and physical drives. Fully supports advanced NTFS features, such as alternate streams and sparse files. Includes numerous features making hex editing easy and straightforward: undo list browser, quick data viewer, modification tracker, string and GUID search, hash computations, and more. Can edit multibyte (MBCS) and UNICODE strings.

What's New:
- Complex data types (structures) introduced,
- Data fields can be anchored to data (sticky fields),
- New commands: Go to Cluster (logical disks) and Go to Sector (physical and
logical disks).
- Several bug fixed.

New command 'Edit Selected As'.
New command 'Find All',
New Navigation pane,
Several minor improvements and bugfixes.


Allows editing of

* Files up to 8 exabytes long,
* NTFS multi-stream files,
* NTFS sparse files,
* OLE compound files,
* Logical disks,
* Hard disks,
* Other types of physical drives such as flash cards,

Supported Data Types

* Main edit window: hex bytes, ANSI/MBCS text, UNICODE text,
* Hex bytes, words, doublewords, and quadwords,
* Unsigned and signed decimal, bytes, shorts, integers, and 64-bit integers,
* ANSI/MBCS and UNICODE strings,
* 64-bit FILETIME values,
* 64-bit floating point-based DATE type,
* 32-bit time_t type,
* 32-bit RGB values with alpha component,
* GUIDs (Globally Unique Identifiers),
* Support for big-endian byte order,


* In-place hex, string, and UNICODE editing,
* Edit memory area as typed data,
* Data and objects Quick Viewer feature,
* Unlimited Undo and Redo; browsable Undo list,
* Original/modified/shifted area list,
* File and drive maps show modifications made to the stream,
* Multi-format data insert, including repetitive patterns,
* Sparse data block insert,
* Bitwise operations NOT, AND, OR, and XOR on the selected block,
* Arithmetic operations: negation, addition, substraction, multiplication, division, and remainder,
* Group arithmetic and logical shifts and bit rotates of the selected items,
* Data field definition and editing,
* Import and export of binary data,
* Creating compressed disk images and scrap files,
* Multi-format CSV (comma-separated values) import and export,

Clipboard and Drag-and-Drop

* Support for binary data and file copy/paste/drag-and-drop,
* ASCII, multi-byte (MBCS), and UNICODE data formats,
* Automatic binary-ASCII, binary-UNICODE, and ASCII-UNICODE conversion,
* Copy/paste and drag-and-drop of unlimited size,
* Copies the selected area as a typed value,
* Copies the selected area as text or HTML, ready to insert into a document or a Web page,
* Copies the selected area as a C#, C++, or a Delphi array,
* Inter-application (including the Windows Explorer) copy/paste/drag-and-drop,

Search, Replace, Comparison

* Multi-format Search feature,
* Multi-format Find All command,
* Multi-format Replace / Replace All commands,
* Multi-Search - single-pass search for multiple patterns,
* Scan for ANSI/MBCS or UNICODE strings,
* Scan for known GUIDs (COM class and interface IDs),
* Pattern coloring option (pattern autoload supported),
* Compare with a file, an alternate stream, a logical or a physical drive,
* Partial stream compare,
* Comparison maps provide a user-friendly representation of the comparison result.


* Visual Studio style bookmarks,
* Direct browsing using Navigation Panes: Streams, Area, Bookmarks, Found data, and Compare,
* Direct browsing using Data Panes: Data Fields, ANSI/MBCS/UNICODE Strings, CLSIDs, and IIDs,
* Address/offset jumps,
* Unlimited jump history,


* File / selected area printing,
* CRC-32, MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256 checksums,
* Cryptographically strong AES-based random number generator,
* Browsing of registered COM classes,
* Advanced calculator supporting binary and text drag-and drop,
* Customizable user tools menu,
* Fully customizable layout and colors,
* Byte order autoselection,
* Visual Studio -like customizable user interface including toolbars, menus, and keyboard shortcuts,
* Windows Explorer integration,
* Command-line interface Read more.

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