Live Update 6 supports the following MSI product lines and items:
  • Mainboards
    • Drivers
    • BIOS
    • Utilities
  • Graphics Cards
    • Drivers
    • BIOS

  1. After installation and launch Live Update, you will see the main page of Live Update - [Home]. System information will be displayed in this page, includes the last scan date, and attention required items numbers.
  2. At [Live Update] page, there are two ways to scan update items, includes [Manual], and [Automatic Scan]. Choose [Automatic Scan], system will automatically scan all the items and search for the latest update files. Or you can choose [Manual] and select the items you wish to scan.
  3. After the scan is finished, please refer to the underneath column for search result. Uninstalled items and items with newer version will be listed in this area. Please click the icon for item information and icon to download and install. Or, you can select the items you wish to install, and click the [Download] button to download.
  4. At [History] page, you will see the download history record. Click the icon to see detail information.
  5. At [Setting] page, you can set a proper time for Live Update reminder in order to keep your system in the updated environment. The default frequency is every month. Live Update reminder will remind you to do system scan and update according to your frequency setting. Click the [Apply] button to save the settings, or the [Default] button to load to the default configuration.
  6. Live Update 5 Reminder will automatically pop up at the reminding time. Choose [Yes] or [No] to do update. Choose [Remind me later] or [Never remind me] for the reminder setting.
  7. At [About] page, you can see [msi website], [msi Online Customer service] website link, also the Live Update 5 version.

BIOS Flash Instruction: Learn more.