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Intel Solid State Drive Toolbox 3.5.9

The new version of the Intel Solid State Drive Toolbox contains a new firmware update for the Intel Solid State Drive 750, 540, E5400, and S3100 Series products.

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More about this driver

The Intel SSD Toolbox is drive management software that allows you to:
  • View current drive information for Intel Solid State Drives (Intel SSDs), including:
    • Model number, capacity and firmware version
    • Drive health
    • Estimated drive life remaining
    • SMART attributes (also available for hard disk drives and non-Intel SSDs)
    • Identify Device information (also available for hard disk drives and non-Intel SSDs)
  • Optimize the performance of an Intel SSD using Trim functionality
  • Optimize the performance of an Intel SSD in RAID 0 using Trim functionality Intel Rapid Storage Technology (Intel RST) 11.0 or greater. NOTE: Trim on RAID 0 is not supported on Windows 8* or Windows Server 2012*
  • Obtain proactive notifications of new Intel SSD Toolbox software versions for Windows 7* and Windows 8 systems
  • Update the firmware on a supported Intel SSDs
  • Run quick and full diagnostic scans to test the read and write functionality of an Intel SSD
  • Check and tune your system settings for optimal Intel SSD performance, power efficiency, and endurance
  • View your system information and hardware configuration, such as central processing unit (CPU), chipset, controller name, and driver versions
  • Run Secure Erase on a secondary Intel SSD.

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