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AMD Catalyst Thief Driver 14.2 Beta

Driver update in Graphics Cards. Operating system support: Windows (all).

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More about this driver

Launch Driver for Thief

Thief launches February 25th, and it's an exclusive partner of the AMD Gaming Evolved program. Throughout development of the PC and console versions of the game, this exciting reimagining of a classic franchise was built with AMD Radeon products in mind. At launch, AMD Radeon customers will have day-one support for: 4K gaming, AMD Eyefinity technology, AMD CrossFire technology and advantageous DirectX 11 performance. In addition, everyone will benefit from the Square/AMD collaboration through a host of graphical effects:
  • Compute shader-accelerated depth of field for realistic focal lengths
  • Silhouette-enhancing tessellation to improve character geometry
  • Complex shadowing systems to support Thief's dependence on shadows as a core gameplay mechanic
    • This is a great example of rendering technology supporting an integral element of the game. A notable percentage of the game's rendering budget has been spent on the novel shadowing algorithms
  • SSAA for buttery smooth edges

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