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Realtek UAD Driver 6.0.9414.1

Realtek UAD Driver is a third-party modification of Realtek drivers for older computers that support Realtek Legacy HDA FF00 drivers.

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More about this driver


This Realtek UAD driver mod should install and function properly on all systems supporting Realtek Legacy HDA FF00 drivers that don't rely on any special audio enhancements. If used with devices relying on special audio enhancements functionality and feature set available may be limited.

Project motivation

I have an old system that is not supported by OEM specific Realtek UAD drivers and I found HDA drivers to be very large, bloated and causing an unpleasant issue when equalizer was installed that was a pain to live with. Realtek UAD generic drivers were not affected so I permanently switched to them. But Realtek doesn't provide complete and official UAD generic drivers very often so I decided to custom craft it from parts since I discovered it is possible to do so without breaking WHQL signature. Learn more.

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