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ASUS PSCH-L Bios 027

1. OS: Windows (all). Category: System Updates.

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More about this driver

1. After flashing to Rev. 027 BIOS, reboot show "CMOS Checksum Bad", please press F1 to Run BIOS SETUP Default; it wont show next time.
2. Updated the length of string in DMI table
3. Add additional 16KB shadow RAM for PCI option ROM initialization
4. Patch the issue of that ICP U320 SCSI card cant enter configuration screen
5. Fix the issue of that VGA cards installed in PCI-X slots dont work
6. Fix the issue of that Matrox PCI-X VGA cards hang at CP 90
7. Fix the issue of that Adaptec iSCSI cards hang at CP D0
8. update new module of display logo
9. Update ACPI module
10. Fix the issue of that system display incorrect date format under Windows APM mode Learn more.

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