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The TechSpot PC Buying Guide offers an in-depth list of today's best desktop PC hardware, spanning four unique yet typical budgets. Whether you're a first time builder seeking guidance or a seasoned enthusiast, we have you covered.

The Budget Box

* Decent performance * Good for everyday computing * Gaming with an add-on GPU
Granted, if you just need to create a few documents and check your email, you can get by on much less than a $500 desktop. However, if you follow our budget build you'll have a system acceptable for any role apart from running graphically intense applications – which could also be attainable by investing in a dedicated video card.

The Entry-Level Rig

* Good performance * Fast for everyday computing * Casual gaming
Our Entry-Level Rig should be an excellent companion for running general applications and a sufficient solution for even the newest games on the market, albeit with some of the eye-candy dialed down.

The Enthusiast's PC

* Excellent performance * Great Multitasker * Perfect for gaming
Our Enthusiast's PC incorporates the perfect blend of both the Entry-Level Rig and Luxury System, making this the most harmonious of builds. Our intent is to keep this system within the grasp of the average computer enthusiast, offering a fully-loaded PC minus some of the unnecessary bells and whistles that could set you back an additional grand or two.

The Luxury System

* Workstation-like performance * Heavy multitasking * Extreme gaming
The Luxury System is a screaming-edge machine with no hard price cap. Every component in this guide is thoughtfully scrutinized, offering the most horsepower for your greenback. However, if a component's premium price isn't justified, it simply doesn't make the cut.