Samsung has unveiled the next step in LCD technology in the form of a flexible 7" screen. The display is not the first ever, but is the largest available, with others including a similar offering from Samsung that is 5". Using non-brittle plastics and a very thin construction, the LCD is capable of being configured in a variety of situations, and is the largest of its kind. These differ from standard LCDs, which typically consists of hard plastic or glass sheets to organize the array.

"Samsung said the plastic LCD module is designed to maintains its thickness uniformly even when it bends as well as enabling higher-definition quality than the firm's five-inch products, the biggest one up until now."
A few years ago the first roll-up keyboard was demonstrated, and as aesthetics play an increasingly important role in the realm of computing and technology, flexible LCDs sound really great on paper, and will probably be even better once in our hands.