Yet another worm roaming around the wilds of the Internet, "IM.Myspace04.AIM" is an interesting worm in that it mimics the popular AOL talk bots. Affecting AIM users in Windows machine, the worm randomly chats with folks and tries to trick the person into clicking an embedded URL in order to spread. Even going so far as to tell the victim that no, it is not a virus, it mimics many other AOL IM bots that people are used to conversing with. Once infected, the worm scans the persons buddy list and begins chatting up more people - without the infected user knowing, as it hides those conversations.

"This sophisticated bot attack is programmed such that infected users cannot see the messages the worm is sending on their behalf. When recipients of the malicious message reply to the infected user, the bot running on the infected machine sends follow-up messages," IMlogic said in an advisory.
As people became more cautious and tools for detecting common worms and viruses become more accessible, what better way for malicious programs to adapt than to begin to simulate humans, the last line trust? For the multitude of AIM users out there - be careful what you click on.