Rumors of delays for the PlayStation 3 have floated around in various forms the past few months, especially after the raving success of the 360. Sony wants to put those to rumors to bed and is saying that the PlayStation 3 is right on schedule and will be here for us in spring of next year. Some of the rumors first began when an executive of Electronic Arts stated that a release in the fall was more likely, though a release that far off is probably not good for Sony's desire to have the PlayStation 3 to compete with the 360. It's also in Sony's best interest to keep a tighter timeline for the release of the new console, considering it will be one way for them to push BluRay, especially in light of Panasonic going into development of BluRay discs at a (claimed) high success rate. By the time spring rolls around, Microsoft will have had plenty of time to get a lot of content out for their console so it will be interesting to see what Sony will offer to compete.