One week left to participate! We are giving away 4 GeForce 7800 GT-based videocards in the coming weeks. Enter here for full details.

What you can get

A total of 4 GeForce 7800 GT-based videocards will be given away, one every two weeks for a total of eight weeks, starting today.

Now, because we are aware such a powerful videocard is not always the best fit for every one of you, we also give you the option of replacing the videocard prize for $275 worth of hardware from*. The contest is open to everyone, no geographic restrictions apply!

What it takes to win

TechSpot is updated daily with the latest technology news from around the globe. Much like in a discussion forum, you can contribute with your opinions and thoughts through our news comments system. In order to become eligible, you must remain an active discussion participant in our daily news coverage (by posting comments). We recommend you follow the following simple steps:

1) You must be a registered member to post, or if you are already part of the TS Community, just log in.

2) You must post a reply once in this forum thread, so we can track users that are participating (a simple message will do, just for tracking).

3) Start posting news comments! (example)

We will closely monitor comments posted while the contest lasts, some of the key aspects we will be looking for are:

* Participation frequency: A few posts every day will work better than 15 one day, then remain inactive for several days.

* Thoughtful comments and posts (quality over quantity, and by quality we mean polite, good grammar, and knowledgeable posts).

* A minimum of 20 posts is expected of every eligible participant.

TechSpot staff and moderators will pick by hand each one of the members we believe are eligible during each of the periods (not restricted to a number, can be 3, 10 or 30), then those names will be put in a pool where the final winner will be randomly chosen. There will be a total of 4 prize winners.

The catch...
Double, and triple your chances of winning!

Because we will be splitting the contest in 4 periods of 2 weeks each, members who remain active after the first participation period, can double their chances of winning for the second, that is, their names will be put in the pool twice. If they don't win the first or second time, but still remain active for the third period, they can have their names put in the pool three times! By the fourth and last period, if the user has remained active, its name will be put six times in the pool, so your chances of winning will skyrocket!

Other rules for the contest

* Members are expected to register and include full information in their profiles, including a valid email address.

* Winners will be contacted using the email address used to register. Each winner will have no more than 5 days to reply to our mail. In case we don't receive any reply by the 6th day, the user will be automatically disqualified and a new winner will be randomly selected from the pool.

* No geographic restrictions will be set for the contest. In case the winner lives outside the US, shipping may delay the prize arrival.

* Each winner will receive a GeForce 7800 GT videocard (manufacturer may vary). The winner may also decide to change the videocard prize for an item or combination of items from that will not exceed $275. Shipping charges will be discounted from such amount for both US and international winners.

* Only active participants will be taken in consideration.

* TechSpot reserves the right to modify contest rules at any given time.

* TechSpot staff members, moderators, and any direct relatives are not eligible to win prizes.

* TechSpot is not responsible for damage in shipping, or damage caused by installing these parts in your computer.

* The expected schedule for announcing winners is the following:
Period #1: Dec 14 - Dec 28. Winner announcement: Jan 1st
Period #2: Dec 29 - Jan 11. Winner announcement: Jan 15th
Period #3: Jan 12 - Jan 25. Winner announcement: Jan 29th
Period #4: Jan 26 - Feb 8. Winner announcement: Feb 12

* Void where prohibited or restricted by law.