The more a company relies on optical media, the more the impacts of BluRay vs HD-DVD will impact them. When your sole product is movies on just that, it's a very big one. Netflix is prepared, however, and is ready to embrace both standards and incorporate both into their business. As the year progresses, Netflix will carry many movie titles available in both HD-DVD and BluRay formats.

"High-definition DVD is the next wave of excitement in home entertainment and we'll be there at its inception," said Netflix Chairman and CEO Reed Hastings. "With far sharper images, better sound and more features, we expect high-def will greatly enhance DVD's consumer appeal and extend its popularity over the next decade or more."

It seems that at first, more titles will be available only in HD DVD, due to them being made available sooner, but that as time goes on there will be no difference, and equal line ups will be had for both. It is good to see companies already being prepared for this, because it will make it all the easier on consumers. What about the consumer who doesn't know what they have, though? Hopefully, companies will understand that mistakes will be made and that returns due to format standards may occur.