Not everyone is content with the patch cycles that Microsoft offers, and on the recent brash of exploits that have been seen in IE6, some have turned to alternatives (aside from switching browsers). Security companies eEye Digital Security and Determina have created third party patches that plug the most recent holes, in an attempt to let as many people as possible protect themselves, at least until an official fix is available. This is not the first time this has happened, and doubtless many will turn to these patches for assistance.

Don't count on Microsoft endorsing this, as they have never endorsed third-party patches due to the enormous potential for incompatibilities or other problems. You can get the respective eEye hotfix here and read about / download the Determina hotfix here. If you use IE, they might be a good idea. Keep in mind that there is a risk for something to go wrong, so don't slap these onto production machines unless you are bold.