If you recall, a few months ago, the company Linspire, known for an easy to use version of desktop Linux that prides itself on being very similar in functionality to Windows, allowed anyone to download the compete version of their distro free of charge(for a short time). They didn't offer the full support that came with the paid version, but it was a big chance for many people to try it out to see if it really did fit. Now, they're taking it a step further, and have been developing a free version that would be available always.

It's gone into beta now and is available for downloading. Dubbed Freespire, if you are interested in Linux but want to test the waters, it's a decent one to try and has gotten good reviews. The free version is available at Freespire, the site dedicated to the free version of Linspire, with the particular pay software removed (such as CNR, their automatic update/install suite).