IBM continues to alter the business to suit the market as time goes on, and soon may be offering more Opteron-based servers. As early as this year. IBM's partnering with AMD could see the dual-core Opteron paired with DDR-2 RAM in another stab against Intel's server market dominance. While IBM has had a healthy relationship with Intel in the past, the Opteron is pushing its way into many segments of the market. The Opteron has made significant gains the past year and promises to continue doing so. AMD and IBM are expected to talk about the partnership in the coming weeks:

The companies are expected to tout the partnership Aug. 1 at a New York event featuring Hector Ruiz, AMD's chief executive, and Susan Whitney, head of IBM's x86 server group, sources familiar with the event said.
With companies like HP also on the Opteron bandwagon and the potential for even Dell to sell AMD worldwide, the future looks bright for the chip.