No surprise after the report from ATI about lower than expected sales of their Intel-based chipsets, ASRock has announced that they'll be using more VIA chipsets in their boards. Citing fears of potential changes to ATI's chipset lineup due to the AMD merger as well as not wanting to overlap nVidia chipsets, ASRock may be speaking for more than just themselves.

In addition, ASRock has not adopted any ATI chipsets for AMD-based motherboards in an attempt to avoid overlap with Nvidia chipsets, company sources indicated. The sources speculated that ASRock's AMD boards will continue to highlight Nvidia chipsets, whereas the low-end segment will mainly utilize the VIA K8M890 IGP chipset series.
Will the Radeon Xpress for Intel CPUs be one of the shortest-lived chipsets ever? ATI had better come up with a plan, and soon, to ease the fears many manufacturers and developers are doubt having.