Ageia, the company who looked to make waves in the 3D community with the introduction of physics processing cards as an addon, is announcing the release of a new PhysX card. This one is particularly interesting because they have finally moved away from the PCI bus and are introducing the latest card as a PCI Express variant. This is the first news out of Ageia in quite a while, and good news at that, which is encouraging considering how relatively quiet they have been. Due for release in only ten days, they are also releasing an updated SDK for their cards to help developers optimize games and programs for it:

Also announced today is a new version of the Ageia PhysX SDK - version 2.6 to be more precise - which adds Windows Vista 64-bit and Linux support, along with a set of new deformable objects and self-collision prevention capabilities. Expect a set of new drivers based on the new SDK in the near future.
With a multi-platform SDK, it may encourage faster pickup of the PhysX, something Ageia needs.