Time really flies by. It's been one year and 6 million units since the Xbox 360 made its debut, now Microsoft is celebrating by offering TV shows, games and movies both in standard and high definition through Xbox Live. They announced this about a month ago, but it wasn't until today that all the content was made available along with its pricing information. Content available includes shows from CBS, MTV Networks, Paramount Pictures, TBS, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, with even more content expected to be added on a weekly basis.

High-definition TV shows will be 240 Microsoft Points per episode, and standard-definition TV shows will be 160 Microsoft Points per episode. New release movies in high definition will be 480 Microsoft Points, and standard-definition new release movies will be 320 Microsoft Points each. Classic feature films in high definition will be 360 Microsoft Points, and standard definition will be 240 Microsoft Points. After purchasing a high-definition TV show or movie, gamers can download the standard-definition version at no additional charge.
You can get a 1,600 points card at retail for $19.99 or 1,000 points through Xbox Live for $12.50. At $0.0125 per point a standard quality episode goes for $2, standard classic movies for $3, and new releases in high definition $6. While somewhat tricky, prices seem fair so if you have points laying around you might want to give it a try.