There were many who thought that as soon as Google acquired YouTube lawsuits would start pouring in, but so far so good. YouTube has managed to keep everyone happy and has been able to sign a few deals along the way. Today, they are adding another trophy to that showcase by announcing a distribution deal with Verizon Wireless. Users of Verizon's V Cast Service will soon be able to watch and upload videos from their mobile phones to YouTube. The service will be ad free and include features like most viewed and most discussed videos.

"All things happen in real time in real world, and the mobile phone is a terminal where you can capture that on video, so it is a core device for user-generated content," said Chan, calling current modes of uploading videos to the Web cumbersome.

The V Cast service, which will be home to the YouTube channel, costs $15 a month and is available in 14 handset models. Verizon has preferred not to announce a launch date citing that the technology behind the service is still being tested, but has said it plans to have it sometime in December.