Following the earlier timeline that was announced last month, AMD has begun to ship the first 65nm process Athlons. Gearing up for a revival launch of the X2 beginning next year, AMD will be supplying the processors to PC manufacturers as a more energy efficient, cooler X2.

AMD expects the crossover to 65nm technology to be well under way in the first quarter of next year and to have full conversion by the end of 2007. "There's greater power savings with 65 nanometer," said Tina Brown, desktop product marketing manager at AMD. "It allows users to have a cooler and quieter experience."
The X2 already distinguished itself as a power friendly processor compared to its rival when it was initially released, but since the release of Core it has taken a backseat. Now with a reduction in process, TDP of these CPUs will drop even further. This may even give AMD headroom to offer faster clocked processors. We can even expect to see price cuts in the costly X2 as older parts are moved out and newer parts have lowered production costs.