A growing and controversial market for advertising has been in-game ads. While the technology exists and a few scarce titles have implemented it (such as Battlefield 2142), it hasn't seen much market penetration and still hasn't been proven to be successful. That being said, rumor has it that Google has shelled out $23 Million to acquire AdScape, a company that specifically develops this type of technology. Last month it was rumored they were in talks, though neither company is willing to speak about it at this time. It makes a lot of sense, however, especially considering the competition is gearing up to roll out ads in this fashion.

For example, Microsoft recently purchased Massive, and has plans to begin doing this form of advertisement, possibly with online gaming and the Xbox 360. Who's not happy about any of this? So far, it's been rather quiet – but I can easily imagine a huge backlash from the gaming community. Ads inundate nearly every part of the Internet experience – do we want them inside our games, too?