Boingo Mobile just signed a deal with Spanish start-up FON to expand Boingo's Wi-Fi network allowing their customers to access FON hot spots around the world. Boingo's customers currently pay $7.95 per month to get unlimited Wi-Fi access on mobile devices on more than 60,000 Wi-Fi hot spots, this deal will almost triple the number of locations on which to get Internet access.

FON has developed a Wi-Fi router that allows broadband subscribers to split their Internet connection so it offers a secure connection indoors and an open connection to people outside the home. So far the company says it's set up 130,000 FON hot spots.
FON recently made headlines by signing with Time Warner Cable as an ISP partner in the US, giving subscribers the option to install a FON-capable router - dubbed 'La Fonera'- to become a fellow 'Fonero' by sharing their internet connection and at the same time gain access to thousands of other FON hotspots around the world for free. Unfortunately for FON members, the agreement with Boingo won't grant them free access to Boingo's Wi-Fi hot spots. Still, FON views the deal with Boingo as an important way to get more users using its Wi-Fi network.