Software giant Microsoft has announced they are renaming their IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) software as Mediaroom, bringing many new features including picture-in-picture capability, along with music and photo sharing within a home network, in an effort to expand their reach into the digital home.

"The Mediaroom is an early, first step towards bringing together the PC and TV environments. Anything you can do on the Web, you can now make accessible on the television." Said Christine Heckart, general manager of marketing of Microsoft TV.
With IPTV telecoms can offer a broad array of services far beyond standard cable TV, such as enhanced digital video recording, video on demand, high-definition television, no delays when flipping through channels, and added features like caller ID on the TV screen.

As digital TV services market continues to grow, companies are looking for competitive differentiators that set them apart in terms of features and overall consumer experience. Microsoft plans to reach users' living rooms by encouraging telecom service providers around the world to add Microsoft Mediaroom as a sub-brand to their IPTV services to compete with cable and satellite TV providers. Telecoms could make revenue by serving up their own ads to viewers inserting them into video-on-demand, into something that was recorded, or within the guide.