One area that ATI usually had a lead in when it came to competing with Nvidia was their media cards. The All-In-Wonder series and others that sported enhanced media functions helped turn PCs into media centers, though with AMD's acquisition it was wondered if they would continue those lines.

They will, and now they have released the next two units in the TV Wonder series, a USB unit and a PCIe x1 unit. The largely unused PCIe x1 slot will get a double whammy with the AMD TV Wonder 650, which will have two independent tuners. This will allow the single card to receive both analog and digital broadcasts. It also supports ClearQAM, which is nifty for those cable channels that aren't encrypted.

The other unit is a USB unit, and supports mostly the same that the 650 does.

The units support a plethora of other new features, which you can read all about in the official press release on AMD's site.