Update: Apparently Gyration’s air mouse and remote controls do work via RF with no line of sight. A user does not need to point the device at the computer, as it was stated in the story.

Logitech unveiled its MX Air Mouse this morning, a laser mouse that works on the desk and in the air. A somewhat similar product from Gyration has been available for a while. However, the underlying technology isn't quite the same. The Air MX uses Freespace motion control technology, which interprets how you move the mouse regardless of where you point it ensuring accurate and responsive navigation at a range of up to 30 feet. That alone sets it apart from Gyration’s device which needs to be pointed directly at the computer.

The mouse also sports gesture-based commands. Logitech gives the example of changing the volume by holding the volume button while making a circular motion to the right or left to increase or decrease volume. There's also a few orange back lighted media control buttons on the new mouse which will come handy to Windows Media Center users.

Priced at $150 the MX Air Mouse is definitely not aimed at the mass market, nevertheless it makes a cool addition for home theater PC owners. Logitech’s new mouse is set to hit retail shelves in August.