The FCC as a whole seems eager to employ open-access standards on the soon to be free 700MHz spectrum. That aside, they seem to be a bit suspicious of Google, claiming that their proposed buy-in is just a subversive way for them to swing the odds in their favor.

However, they do still seem to encourage an open-access standard. They think it can help transform the U.S. from a broadband duopoly between Cable and DSL into a three-branch system. They claim giving the spectrum to ISPs could be a huge boon to the market:

Democratic commissioner John Adelstein specifically noted that an open-access approach "could open these key airwaves to badly needed competition in the broadband space."
Their aim is also the same as many WISPS, looking to target rural areas that are beyond the reach or financial incentive of cable and DSL companies. With support like this, things are looking better for it to become a more open spectrum. It would be a shame if it ended up being privately owned.