Today, a story that began long ago is resurfacing. The ever-present struggle between AMD and Intel was elevated years ago when AMD brought serious allegations towards Intel in many countries, all related to unfair competition. Now, the European Commission has decided to issue formal charges against Intel, due to anti-competitive behavior towards AMD.

This doesn't mean anyone is guilty of anything, merely that the EU sees sufficient evidence in front of them to take Intel to court. They were already itching to find something wrong with Intel's behavior in Europe, and now with AMD at their side they have what they need:

The EU has been sniffing around Intel's business practices in Europe for six years, but the investigation got a second wind in 2005 when AMD formally accused its arch-rival of using illegal tactics to dominate the PC and server markets.
Soon, Intel will likely respond to the charges and we'll see in detail what the EC is accusing them off.