Rockstar's upcoming title Manhunt 2 has been the source of much controversy. It comes from all sides, whether it be from their unwillingness to alter content to lower its Adults Only rating or many vendors around the world refusing to carry it because of this. Some countries went so far as to pre-ban the title before it was released, preventing it from ever being sold.

Rockstar refuses to change their "work of art", and as such is appealing a ban in the U.K. This is more than a month and a half over the initial ban, so it is likely Rockstar has been working up a considerable argument for its title. The original ban was implemented due to "unremitting bleakness and callousness of tone", a vague description at best. It is mentioned that the review will include an actual demonstration of the game itself.

Will it sway the hearts of those Rockstar is appealing to?