When you spend over a million dollars on purchasing a server, usually you can expect it to be delivered in more or less perfect condition. That doesn't seem to be the case for one company, who is suing IBM for how a server was shipped to them. T.R. Systems is demanding $1.4 million at least from IBM in damages.

Does IBM scrimp on packaging? That's the assertion the lawsuit makes, in which they claim a server worth $1.4 million was packaged so poorly that it fell off a forklift and was damaged. While they even admit themselves that said forklift had hit an obstacle, they claim it was poor packaging, not poor driving, that caused the server to come tumbling down.

IBM refused to accept the server as a return, despite T.R. Systems claims of a weak pallet being used, and that they will defend themselves against the suit.

You would think that with a server costing so much, IBM would go above and beyond tossing something in a cardboard box with styrofoam peanuts.