It was exciting to watch the launch of HD DVD and Blu-ray standalone players. It was even more exciting to watch them drop in price, with various companies at each others throats trying to cut the prices down further and further. Now, it seems that HD DVD has dipped not only below $200, but has gone all the way down into the realm of existing plain DVD players.

In at least two retail chains, the Toshiba HD-A2 is selling for below $100 (or will be this week). This isn't a price cut - just Wal-Mart and Best buy trying to spur interest and move the players. On top of that, the dirt-cheap unit still is eligible to get five free movies from Toshiba. What does this signify? Even if it is just a temporary drop - which we see a lot of during the last few months of a year - it is an encouraging sign. With Blu-ray still managing to edge ahead of HD DVD in most markets, playing up price is going to be all the HD DVD supporters biggest advantage. If retail outlets are willing to drop prices so low, perhaps the manufacturers will be encouraged to do the same.