Yesterday was the deadline for potential bidders in the upcoming 700MHz auction to file with the Federal Communications Commission. Unfortunately, we won't find out exactly who's bidding on what until the FCC publishes information related to the auction later this month, but there are already some big players reportedly readying their wallets.

Google, Cox Communications, Frontline Wireless, and AT&T all appear to have submitted an application for a chance to bid on the spectrum. On the other hand, Sprint, Time Warner Cable and Comcast have all declared their total disinterest in the upcoming 700MHz auction.

The auction begins on January 24 and could last several weeks as long as bidders keep bidding. It will be conducted electronically with numerous rounds per day, with shorter timeframes between rounds as the bidding activity heats up. The current reserve price for the entire 700 MHz spectrum is set at $10 billion, but many observers expect the auction to bring in much more.