Think Secret, a site which has become infamous over the past few years for their willingness to blurb about Apple rumors, will be shutting down. With nothing more than a simple blurb, Think Secret has settled with Apple with unknown terms sans the site disappearing, following a lawsuit by Apple that claimed Think Secret revealed trade secrets of theirs.

The site has long been a source of Mac news, and many have looked to it as a revealing source of "almost inside" information about Apple's upcoming products. It almost seems counterproductive for Apple to go after them, but they certainly have and have succeeded in getting the site shut down. Will this have repercussions for other sites, many of whom also often publish what is considered to be "rumor"? After all, breaking news is often the most exciting news - but who wants to be sued over a rumor?

I actually think this was a bad move by Apple. Much of their empire is founded upon the idea that they are "in touch" with their customers. More and more, however, they seem just like any other mega corporation, fiercely protecting their products even to their own detriment.