Predictions were made following the release of IE7 that the heydey of Firefox growth was coming to a close. Growth may have slowed or slipped in some areas, but one area where it is shining quite well is in Europe. According to XiTi Monitor, the market share that Firefox gained in 2007 was higher than 20%, rising from an aggregate of 23.2% to 28%. Internet Explorer, on te other hand, fell to a 66% share.

They also say that those gains came primarily at the expense of Internet Explorer. True or not, if the figure of 28% can be trusted, that pulls Firefox more and more out of a "minority" category and into mainstream. Sooner or later, and it appears that now it is sooner, web developers might not be able to design exclusively for IE, claiming that it is what "everyone" uses. 66% may be a majority, but it is far from from the 95% share and above that IE used to enjoy just a few years ago.