Microsoft making a strong, unrequested, billionaire bid for search giant Yahoo. This piece of news eclipsed nearly every other technology story late last week when Microsoft's CEO, Steve Ballmer, made public his intent to take over the #2 web search engine.

For sure, at $44.6 billion there is no easy way to downplay Microsoft's move, however rumors have flooded the web as new players and potential bidders have flourished, at least on analysts' minds. The latest bit of news comes from Reuters (ironically through Yahoo News itself), saying that Google may be offering an alliance with its archrival in order to prevent the Microsoft deal. A large number of experts argue however that given the 60% premium Microsoft is willing to pay for Yahoo stock, this is a closed deal, minus the antitrust concerns that may arise, of course. Perhaps it's too early to make anybody's minds. Expect a lot more news on this subject throughout the week.