After an initial release delay of 16 days, today is the day that Everex is scheduled to begin shipping the CloudBook, but sadly it seems that none of the retailers that supposed to carry the product have them. Nevertheless, the folks at Laptop Magazine got their hands on the low-cost notebooks and have posted their first impressions.

While the CloudBook does have some heartier specs than the Eee PC, there are some surprising flaws with the system starting with the strange and tiny touchpad awkwardly placed above the keyboard and to the right, while the left and right mouse buttons are on the left side above the keyboard, forcing you to use two hands to navigate and click.

Not only that, you'll have a hard time completing the initial setup unless you're familiar with the Linux Alt + click to drag the window around and find that there is a button to go to the next screen - though I'm guessing users new to Linux will most likely be lost at this point. Not a good way to start off if you ask me. Anyway, you can read Laptop Mag's full CloudBook first impressions report here.