The iPhone's lack of Flash support has been one of the major complaints levied against it since its inception. But if Apple's Steve Jobs recent comments on the popular platform are to be taken plainly, you won't be using Adobe' popular multimedia application on your iPhone any time soon.

According to Jobs, the full-blown PC version of Flash performs too slowly to be useful on the iPhone while the mobile version, Flash Lite, is too limited to be used with the web. The comments come just ahead of Apple's iPhone SDK event today, where developers were likely hoping to find ways to support Flash on their apps through the SDK.

Meanwhile, Microsoft's Flash competitor, Silverlight, has been receiving some attention this week with the company's announcement that it will be writing a version of Silverlight for Nokia's S60 smartphone platform. But could this open the door for Silverlight on the iPhone as well? Probably not in the short term, as supporting it won't mean much until it's used widely on the web.