Earlier this year we reported that Asus was planning to cash in on the Eee PC's success by launching a whole family of Eee products including a small form-factor desktop machine, an all-in-one system and a TV. While they haven't officially unveiled any of these, during this year's CeBIT the company did show off a system that appears to be the first desktop computer in the Eee PC lineup.

Dubbed "Digital Home System EP20," the tiny desktop computer has "good enough performance", a 2.5-inch hard drive instead of flash memory, and possibly runs the same Linux operating system and interface you can find on the current generation of Eee PC laptops. Those looking to use the machine as an HTPC will be glad to know that the EP20 also includes Hi-Fi Stereo, Dolby Digital Live support, and emits only 24 db of noise when running.

With no official announcement from Asus, details of the Eee PC desktop line are still up in the air for the most part. It is speculated however that the EP20 will sell for around $350 when it eventually hits the market sometime this summer.